Magazines & Newsletters

The Students are encouraged to be involved, actively, in publication and related activities. The students are made members of the publication cell of the institute in order to engage them in publishing activities. The Faculty Incharge of publication coordinates the students’ publication activities. The list of publication material brought out by the students is given below:


The Students publish a Bi-annual magazine ‘Aarohan’ which carries articles, features and other contributions of the students. An Editorial board comprising of Senior and Junior students of the Institution is responsible for this magazine. The Magazine is distributed and displayed for information at all prominent places within the campus in places such as Laboratories and Libraries.


A Wall Magazine named as ‘Arena’ is published by the students of the institute. This wall magazine carries knowledge and latest development in various domains of management. The wall magazine includes the latest research and revelations which appear in other publications which could add to the knowledge of students’ community at large.


A Quarterly Magazine named ‘Aavend’ is published by the students of the institute which carries articles, news and features contributed by the students’ of various programmes.


The institute has started publishing an online research magazine –Sankalan to publish the research work of the students. The activity, ‘Sankalan’ is aimed at promoting independent research work amongst the student’s community is organized by the institute.